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Hello, my name is Anya and I first started this blog for a school project. We had to make a tangible goal for something we are passionate about and while I was initially confused about what I should do, I realized I had to do something with current events. As a result, my blog was born. My first set of posts that I created during high school are about protests around the world because at the time (before covid), it seemed like protests were on a rise. I wanted to figure out why protests were on the rise, so I explored a few different high profile protests which culminated in a reflection post about what I thought the protests of 2019 might have meant. After I finished high school and entered the world of covid, protests seemed to rise at an exponential speed of which it was hard to keep up with. I decided to focus on ideas that really interest me at the time of writing them which is where the change in tone comes from. I am currently in my second year of university and while more busy, I hope to continue this blog in a meaningful way.

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